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  • The cold weather comes with risk especially for infants, elderly and people with a medical condition. The effect of the cold winter can be painful and expensive


    Who is most vulnerable?


    Most of the Erdely people may have problems keeping their homes warm. They may have financial problems or health problems preventing them to keep warm.


    Maybe a month or two prior to the winter season, they must make sure that the windows and doors are well-sealed so that no cold air can enter the house. It will be fruitless to have a good heating system if the doors, windows, and insolation are not properly working.


    Helpful advice to keep your home warm 

    to reduce the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), babies should sleep in rooms heated to between 16C and 20C

    heat your home to at least 18C

    Keep your bedroom at 18C all night if you can – and keep the bedroom window closed

    have at least 1 hot meal a day – eating regularly helps keep you warm

    have hot drinks regularly

    if you're not very mobile, are 65 or over, or have a health condition, such as heart or lung disease, if you're under 65, healthy and active, you can safely have your home cooler than 18C, if you're comfortable

    use a hot water bottle or electric blanket to keep warm in bed – but do not use both at the same time

    get your heating system checked regularly by a qualified professional

    draw curtains at dusk and keep doors closed to block out draughts


    Landlords for this category of tenants should make sure that the rented accommodation is fit to live in during the winter season. Due to the fragility of the tenant i.e. age factor, health condition, the landlord should take extra care when dealing with such tenants. The possibility

    to contact relatives or to contact the local authority should be considered in extreme cases of poverty or health problems

    The same goes for:

      disabled people

      People who have a long-term health condition

      people on a low income (so cannot afford heating)

      People who have a mental health condition

      babies and children under the age of 5

      pregnant women




    Luckily tenants can be eligible for financial and practical help with their accommodation heating problems. The financial help they may be entitled to include cold weather payment and winter fuel payment.

    To find out how this financial help can be obtained, how to reduce your bills and make your home energy efficient, call the Simple energy advice helpline on 0800 444 202 or got to



    Remember that It's worth claiming all the benefits you're entitled to as soon as winter begins.

    by: tenancy solved uploaded November 22, 2019