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Who is a Homeless Person

  • A homeless person is someone who does not have a roof over his/her head, simply no home to go to..

Types of homeless person

  • Anyone over the age of 18 (there are some exceptions if you’re 16 to 17)
  • If you or your partner have £16,000 or less in savings between you
  • If you are under State Pension age (or your partner is)
  • If you are on a low income or out of work
  • If you live in the UK

Who can be at risk of becoming homeless?

  • There is no set criteria to identify who will be at risk of being homeless, but due to the fact that we all come from different ranks of society we not exempt no matter where we are, what we do or who we are.
  • People released from detention.
  • Refugee or asylum seekers
  • Anyone who is not entitled to be supported by the state (Government benefit system).
  • People who are living on a low income or receiving state benefit.
  • Pregnant women or women with a new baby with no home to go to.

What can be the cause of the homelessness?

  • The most popular reason is being evicted from your home.
  • Unfortunately, when couples separate, there are always casualties. One half can find himself or herself out on the street.
  • It can happen when you became a burden for family or friends to keep you under their roof and they can ask you to leave.
  • It is sad to say that domestic violence or abuse is a real cause of homelessness where the abuse is so bad that it can lead to someone leaving for the street with no other option sometimes.
  • Sometimes harassment by neighbours could lead to someone leaving home for the street.
  • When you are faced with a disaster such as a fire or flood it is sometimes unbelievable to understand that these factors can lead to someone becoming homeless.

Get help as soon as you feel that you will be homeless

  • Your local housing adviser might be able to help you to:
  • find a way to stay in your home
  • find a new home more quickly
  • get help from your local council
  • You can also visit your local Citizen's Advice or law centre.
  • For more contacts please go to our directory page where you will find contact details of charities dealing with homeless issues.

Where to find help

  • Your first port of call could be to your local council, asking them to help if you are homeless or threatened with homelessness within the next 8 weeks.
  • Local councils have a legal duty to help some people. Unfortunately, not everyone gets help with housing, some will just get advice on how to find a home.
  • Your local housing department has a dedicated service that helps, but sometimes social services may help instead. This may happen when there are children, or elderly or frail people involved.
  • There are several charities for the homeless across the country who are ready to offer help. Especially for young people, or people who don't have children and people with drug or alcohol problems. A few charities offer temporary emergency accommodation such as night-shelters or hostels.
  • You can also go to your local church or other charity for help. They may offer you help with your basic needs such as food and clothing. Practical help can be provided by day centres for homeless people along with food banks and soup kitchens.