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Tenancysolvedis an organisation set up to serve the many people who may be having problems with their accommodation or their tenancy agreements.  The world of letting is often challenging and even daunting for many, with difficulties over the tenant’s legal rights and obligations, just as there can be problems for landlords, some of whom face difficulties with uncooperative tenants, or those who refuse to vacate a premises when the tenancy expires.  Of course, the majority of tenancies run smoothly, to the benefit of both tenant and landlord, but if there is a problem, Tenancysolved is there to act as a platform for the expression and discussion of thoughts and feelings.  If you use the service you will be able to join in the interchange of opinion and information, comment on the situation and volunteer solutions, which may be very helpful to your fellow tenants.

            All our services are covered by terms and conditions and by privacy and cookie policies, which you must accept if you want to use the service.  Please read these terms and conditions closely to ensure that you are willing to accept the necessary safeguards outlined there.

            It is also important for you to observe the rule that no unlawful actions, deception, foul language or anti-social behaviour will be tolerated, and you should know that anyone who disregards this policy will be removed immediately.



We offer both to tenants and landlords a forum for discussion, a chat room and the chance to discuss relevant matters with individuals and in groups.  All users will be able to add their own pictures and videos to support their arguments and accounts.

We can help users by posting sample tenancy agreements and providing in-depth information about tenancy law, the rights it gives you and the obligations it imposes on you as either a tenant or a landlord.  We offer the opportunity for people to compare experiences with others in the same situation by bringing such individuals together and giving them the chance to share their thoughts and feelings.  We hope that, in this way, new ideas can be presented about how to deal with problems and how to cope with stressful experiences in the housing market.  It is easy to feel alone and isolated when there is a difficulty of this sort, and for all of us our home is, even if only temporarily, our one place of reliable safety and comfort.  Tenancysolved can give you a way of regaining your confidence by allowing you to gain access to the knowledge of others in the forum, as well as learning precisely what your rights and duties are.

Tenancysolved also offers advertising slots for businesses, which helps to defray the costs of running the service.  We very much hope that many will take the opportunity to benefit from what the service offers.



Tenancysolved is a wonderfully useful organisation which provides a service that many of us in the renting market have been looking for over a long time.  The idea is quite simple, but the benefits are huge.  Tenancysolved is really just an open forum, chat room and platform allowing its users to talk about their problems related to accommodation, housing conditions and tenancy law, and receive responses from others in similar situations.

            Here is how it works.  A tenant who has a problem with his or her accommodation can go online and describe the problem to others reading the online page.  Then the community can respond, drawing on their experience and gathered knowledge, and try to help the user, offering various solutions or comforts.  It is then the user’s choice whether or not to read and respond to the ideas put forward.  Landlords can also look at what is said in the forum and often we find that they can come up with a solution.  The key thing is that information is made available, people are not left to feel unhappy and aggrieved without knowing what they can do about their problems, and ideas can be offered to resolve the issue.  It is quite possible that the landlord simply did not know what the problems was, or even that there was a problem, and when he does he will often try to sort it out.  A brilliant system that can help everyone involved!



1.      As a citizen, you have the right to know what governmental bodies are deciding and planning, unless it is a matter of national security.  Tenancysolved is regulated by this freedom to share information, which also means that anything you write in the forum is immediately accessible to every reader.  Nothing that appears in the forum can be considered private, and you must be aware of this when you decide to enter into an online interaction or chat room.


2.      This means that you must take responsibility for anything you write on the Tenancysolved platform.  In what you write you should not break confidences with other people who trust you, and you should not accuse or insult people; if you want to make accusations, backed by legally sound evidence, there are other settings in which you should make them. You should use moderate language and not be threatening or abusive, and if you break these rules you will be excluded from the system and will no longer be able to benefit from its services.

You must remember that TenacyCentral acts as a positive system, aimed at improving people’s experience of being tenants, and it is not a vehicle for expressing your strong and hostile feelings.


3.      In a similar way, you must remember that there is no room on the Tenancysolved platform for discriminatory attitudes or language.  Everyone is treated equally, no matter where they come from, how old they are or what their origins may be.  Racial abuse, ageist attitudes and social discrimination will not be tolerated on the site, and if you show signs of this in your remarks on the forum you will be excluded.  You need to be aware, too, that people are protected from discrimination by law, specifically the Equality Act of 2010, which makes discriminatory behaviour an offence, actionable in a court of law.


4.      Another important area of discrimination is that concerned with gender difference.  Men and women have equal rights and must be treated with the same respect and consideration. The Sexual Discrimination Act of 1975 makes it illegal to discriminate against anyone on grounds of sex or marital status in areas such as employment, training, education, harassment, the provision of goods and services, and the disposal of premises.  Tenancysolved views any such discrimination as offensive and unacceptable, and if you show such attitudes in what you write on the forum you will be excluded.


5.      In all your dealings with Tenancysolved you must observe our rules about honesty and transparency.  We know that some people’s problems can make them bitter and angry, but no progress can be made if such people become abusive or dishonest in their accusations.  The organisation is here to help everybody and to make life more comfortable for tenants and, ideally, for landlords.  We seek to help create honest and open relationships between tenants and their landlords, which will allow problems to be resolved peacefully and equitably.  If you ignore these principles in what you write or say on the forum you will not be allowed to use it further.



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