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Having problems with your rented accommodation?


    • For people renting or looking for an accommodation, it is a demanding situation It could be easy, disastrous or a complete nightmare.
    • A students going to university, means living away from home for the first time in your life.  This can be liberating, but it is sometimes rather daunting, particularly if you are living in rented accommodation, where it takes a little while to learn the rules and to deal with the sorts of problems that can arise. 


    • Of course, most people get on well with their landlords and there is a process of give and take between them that makes things manageable.  But now and then something can go wrong, and if this happens, the best thing you can do is to find other people who are in similar situations and share your concerns with them.  Not only will it be good for you to talk about your problems, but you will almost certainly find ways of coping with difficulties by listening to other people’s stories. 


    • This is where comes in, offering a free platform which brings people together to discuss their tenancy problems, to find advice on what to do and draw comfort from knowing that they are not alone
    by: tenancy solved uploaded July 5, 2017