HHSRS (Housing Health and Safety Rating system check)

    Damp and mould growth: Exposure to house dust mites, damp mould, or fungal growth.

    Excessive cold: Exposure to low temperatures.

    Excessive heat: Exposure to high temperatures.

    MMF: Exposure to chemicals used to treat timber and mould growth.

    Asbestos: Exposure to hazardous building materials.


    Carbon monoxide and fuel combustion products: exposure to:

    ·         Carbon monoxide

    ·         Nitrogen dioxide

    ·         Sulphur dioxide and smoke.


    Lead: The ingestion of lead.

    Radiation: Exposure to radiation.

    Exposure to fuel gas: such as manufactured fuel gas or natural gas and petroleum gas.

    Volatile organic compounds:  Exposure to volatile organic compounds.

    Crowding and space: Lack of adequate space for living and sleeping.

    Entry by intruders: Difficulties in keeping the dwelling or HMO secure against unauthorised entry.

    Lighting: A lack of adequate lighting.

    Noise: Exposure to noise.


    Domestic hygiene, pests, and refuse:

    ·         Poor design, layout, or construction such as that the dwelling or HMO cannot readily be kept clean.

    ·         Exposure to pests

    ·         An adequate provision for the hygienic storage and disposal of household waste.


    Food safety: An adequate provision of facilities for the storage, preparation and cooking of food.

    Personal hygiene, sanitation and drainage: An inadequate provision of:

    ·         Facilities for maintaining good personal hygiene

    ·         Sanitation and drainage.


    Water supply: An adequate supply of water free from contamination, for drinking and other domestic purposes.

    Falls associated with baths etc: Falls associated with toilets, baths, showers or other washing facilities.

    Falling on stairs etc.: Falling on stairs, steps, or ramps where the change in level is 300 mm or more.

    Failing between levels: Falling between levels were the difference in level is 300 mm or more.

    Electrical Hazards: Exposure to electricity.


    Fire: Exposure to uncontrolled fire and associated smoke.

    ·         Flames, hot surfaces etc, contact with controlled fire or flames

    ·         Hot objects, liquid, or vapours.


    Collision and entrapment: Collision with or entrapment of body parts in, doors, windows, or other architectural features.

    Explosions: An explosion at the property or HMO.

    Position and operability of amenities: The position, location and operability of amenities, fittings, and equipment.

    Structural collapse and falling elements: The collapse of the whole or part of the property or HMO.


    Source of Information

    Oxford Dictionary of Construction Surveying and Civil Engineering, Oxford University Press,2012

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